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Overcome obstacles, embrace your worth & create the life you truly desire.


Bloom is a safe space to explore, expand and empower yourself.


Receive coaching and guidance to create the life you desire.


Discover your true potential in our diverse community of women.


Aloha! My name is Jessica Oyanagi and I’m the Founder of Bloom. I'm a fun loving, passionate leader and Women's Empowerment Coach. Welcome to our community!


For too long women have been taught that their desires come last, and I'm on a mission to change this narrative! Bloom is a nurturing space where women can devote themselves to exploring their personal expansion. Our community supports the development of each woman with a holistic approach. We provide our Bloomers with a dynamic range of tools to help you develop the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practices you need to thrive. These practices aren't a luxury. They're VITAL to our health and happiness as women.


To bring your desires to life, I strongly believe that investing in yourself and finding community is KEY. I know this to be true for myself and the women I serve. Bloom provides a fun, safe space for the women in our community to grow side by side. We come together to learn, reflect and process our journeys together. We want to help you discover what's possible for your life too . . .